Douglas squirrel

I got within a metre of one this morning.  They are so cute!


Slept at the new place last night. Keith was there as well. Man, the faucets in the bathroom squeak like a b*st*rd.  Other than that, and leaving my cell phone there, I had a good nights’ sleep; tonight, more packing.  The commute takes a little under an hour door to door – that includes the ten minute walk down from the SFU bus loop.  I’m thinking of packing my bed up if I can figure out how to get the mattresses there; I’ve already got some clothes and a toothbrush over there….I’m also working on how to do the commute without the Skytrain in the middle, given that it quits working from time to time.

There was a pile of pussy willow trimmings in the back yard – I absconded with some.

Watched 23.  Meh.



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5 thoughts on “Douglas squirrel”

  1. No, he’s actually pretty good looking. It just took me longer to figure it out because he has historically played the part of a goof.

  2. Oh man, buses quit way more often than the skytrain. If your commute can tolerate a 10 minute delay due to some knob hopping in the tracks and being shooed away, the skytrain will fail you only once every 6 months or so in my experience. (Most memorably: dude with a WEED WHACKER cuts through an unwisely positioned power cable. System shuts down for 3 hours.) Buses it’s more like once a month depending on the route. For my commute now that I’ve figured out 3 different bus route options to take depending on which part of the route fails to show up, I only have to take a taxi when the skytrain fails or I sleep in, twice so far since I started. Oh transit optimization, you depressing logic-problem you.

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