I’m home,

but I’m not where my bed is.  I pulled out the guit and the mando tonight and HOLY CRAP is my bedroom LIVE when it doesn’t have any furniture in it.  It’s a little tiled cell in which the sound of my breathing echoes like there’s a Balrog stuck in the corner.  All I practiced was Spinal Clinic and one of the new ones (These Things Happen).  This after watching Robert Downey Jr (can he do a bad acting job? the man is incredible) in this movie.
I am a woman of noisy enthusiasms.  Jeff keeps scowling at me; if I laugh at something with my usual vigour  (read volume) whichever of the cats is cuddling with him messes off the couch with a disgusted air.   And hey, two new-to-me Robot Chicken episodes and the season finale of Atlantis (it being the first Stargate Atlantis I’ve ever seen).  I’ve heard his fame well sung, that Rodney guy from Stargate Atlantis…. Now’s the time to queue up some Lady Miss B.
Patricia let me cry on her today. Thank you Patricia.  I’m not very aesthetic at the best of times; snivelling over onion rings is an incorrect form.  It was a summer storm, I’m not upset anymore.  She wants to meet the Luddite.  Like Ambrose Bierce, I have my doubts that all my friends should be introduced to each other even if they all rock.

Lady Miss B’s instrument was plucked from its case whilst being inspected by TSA goons, who played it laughing and broke a string.  May they receive the blessings of heaven and it not enough to spare them the lashings of hell.

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6 thoughts on “I’m home,”

  1. Just wondering if Lady Miss Banjola both wrote and sang this song? Think we will pick up the movie with Robert Downey Jr. you mention — I feel bad for the guy AS he certainly has had to battle with addiction.

  2. Indeed, Lady Miss B wrote and sang it. Taking the filk world by storm, one convention at a time!

  3. Debbie, I don’t think I would watch a bad movie just to support an actor in it who has had a bad time. In fact, I probably wouldn’t know; my preference is not to know anything about an artist except his or her art. This is because when I have learned about them I have discovered that so many of them are pond scum, and that’s being unkind to pond scum which is in fact quite beautiful looked at in the right way.

    Allegra, your curse on the TSA goons sounds Celtic. Is it? It’s a grand one!

  4. Welcome back, Nautilus3! I’ve been wondering where you were. Were you off collecting family geneology info? Robert Downey Jr. is both likable and a natural actor. It seems addiction comes with the lifestyle and stress of being an actor/actress — at least by the number of them that end up in rehab. Sadness and stress, befalls any family with a family member with an addiction problem whether it be alcohol or drugs — I speak from personal experience.

  5. The Celtic sounding curse – in time for St Paddy’s day, how apt – is an original, inspired by a re-reading of Dunnett.

  6. I wasn’t any place except virtually. I was trying to learn about a place called Amsterdamskij, Russia, and while there were MANY web sites, none of them were in English and some even used the Cyrillic alphabet. I wanted to know about this place because it is in the email address of a newly discovered cousin, who as it turns out, doesn’t live there, but in Munich. Among his kin is a black sheep for Allegra’s family collection. Married four times, was Peter, according to how he is documented, but different sources give different children by his four wives. Turns out his last two wives – same surname – possibly sisters – were concurrent, which explains why a child of wife #3 had a child younger than the oldest child of wife#4. Apparently this marital complexity was not known in the community at the time (!!) which made for challenges for later family historians.
    As this occurred a hundred years ago the details are hard now to obtain.
    And you thought genealogy was dull.

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