5 thoughts on “How to cut up a pineapple”

  1. I will pass these instructions along. I watched your video straight from your blog and the number of veiws remained at zero. So, I think to make the counter work, it would be necessary to watch this from YouTube.com??

  2. Didn’t realize it was YOUR lesson on cutting up a pineapple which you mentioned earlier! Call me dim. Somebody else sent a lesson yesterday on cutting up a mango. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence – but three times is enemy action. If it happens again soon I will begin to experience paranoia – that SOMEBODY thinks I should be paying more attention to the culinary arts…

  3. I am going to post a video about how to make biscotti, too. 9 views already? I know you and Deb did, but who else went looking???

  4. I recognized your voice from the homolies I have listened to and then searched on “How to cut up…”.

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