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I saw the link on and I’m sharing it because it’s like a Warner Bros cartoon come to life.

Rammed earth house.

I’m only cross posting this to amuse my dad and die in the subsequent flame war.  WARNING: IF YOU ARE FEMALE you won’t find this one bit amusing. Thought provoking and outrageous, but not amusing.

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  1. Well, I think that he is looking for a woman who doesn’t exist. We all have faults and foibles. The saying about men that they are like dogs, stupid but trainable, can also apply to women. If you only date people that you would really like as a friend, then I think that life would be simpler and better.

  2. Not amusing, yes, but also not outrageous. Baffling is the word. I think I missed out on a great deal of contemporary socialization by being committed to one man since my early teens, consequently I have had no experiences to connect me to the thesis here presented. Clearly I have no cause to regret that lack.

  3. I think one could learn something from reading the above and asking oneself “Am I like that?”, “Do I like being like that?” and “Is this something I would like to work on improving in myself?”. HOWEVER, this guy went on for so long with his whining, I just couldn’t finish reading the whole thing AND that is saying a lot BECAUSE I have a lot of patience.

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