Iron Mannish Boy

Went to see Iron Man at the Van East Cinema.  I really enjoyed it – so did Keith – but Paul and Jeff bemoaned the lack of character development.

Broke Jeff’s vacuum cleaner the first time I used it.  Now I’m sorry I gave mine away – there was less to break on it.

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2 thoughts on “Iron Mannish Boy”

  1. Clarifications:

    1) I enjoyed Iron Man hugely, but I felt it could have been better if it was easier to relate to the main character.

    2) A poorly designed part did indeed break when she was using the vac, but it would have broken soon anyway. Once I removed the offending assembly, the need for the part disappeared and the vac is totally useable. Plastic sucks.

  2. You mean I can go back to using the attachments for cat torture purposes!? Kewl!

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