Kids and I finally went to see Prince Caspian last night; really, we’re never going back to Metrotown now that we know about the Van East Cinema!  Yes, we liked it.

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2 thoughts on “Narnia”

  1. Did you like it enough to want a copy in the fullness of time?
    Recently I got into a dignified donnybrook with a second cousin once removed, on the subject of CSLewis, which gave me cause to read up on him. She understood him to be an atheist, and his bios say that indeed he was, from age 15 to age 31, thereafter becoming the foremost Christian apologist. she had asked me to read one of his books (I had read only The Search, in addition to the Narnia books) on the grounds that the content coming from an atheist might serve to enlighten me. He certainly was NOT an atheist when he wrote the recommended book!

  2. Maybe. Dunno. Yes, he was a king hell Christian apologist, which doesn’t pull anything from his fiction, in my view.

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