Overdoing it just seems to be my style – 1.5 hours on a bike yesterday and my bum is providing me with much feedback this morning. The vaccination points don’t hurt, but my arms hurt from hauling groceries. I deked into Brentwood Mall, supposedly for beer and veggies and there was no spinach. This completely put my dinner plans into disarray (as Jeff can no doubt attest – I’m not even going to post what I ‘cooked’ for dinner last night but will say it was heavily augmented with rice pudding, ice cream and strawberries) and I was so discombobulated that I started wandering around the mall looking for somebody else to take my money, although I did pick up fresh fruit as part of my ongoing efforts to provide pleasing nourishment to myself and Jeff.
Cobb’s didn’t work out. Usually it’s a great place to spend money, but some jackass cut in front of me in the lineup. I went to the other bank I use and changed my address; I drifted upstairs and got robot socks and pink skull socks for a buck each (v. nice socks) along with a more nondescript pair of blue socks and three t-shirts all for less than $15; I went to Sears to see if my sore butt could find new pants and believe it or not, I emerged with cords and jeans which fit me for $50 (& you should have seen me sitting and squatting and doing truncated high kicks in the dressing room – it would have been a top ranked video on youtube I’m sure, either under the title Middle Aged Woman has Spazz Attack or Woman dislodging small mammal from pants). Then I bought beer. My carrying capacity at that point having been reached, I went to the bus and the driver scowled at me when I tried to pull out my bus pass when he was trying to pull out of the bus loop. “I KNOW you have a bus pass,” he said.

Then home and a couple of Deadwood episodes and early to bed. I am going to be finding a lot of reasons to stand up today.

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