Cryptic email and status report

Yesterday at work I got this massively cryptic email from the senior finance person who says check into your share situation.  Normally I have stuff neatly filed but I can’t find anything more recent than 2003.  I don’t think the phone number is even the same from back then for Computershare. Now I have to phone Computershare and find out what’s going on.  Needless to say, there have been public announcements about the company which may not be named and while I don’t imagine this actually means a lot of money I am mildly excited.

Pressured speech commences:  Freaked the hell out of ScaryClown yesterday.  I got on at Lougheed so I was already sitting down when he got on the Skytrain.  How did you do that? I wanted to say it was magic but that really doesn’t fly with a scientific atheist, so I explained about how my work hours are all different now (I’m working 7 til 3:30, what jolly fun) so I can go get mangled in the back machine every day for 5 weeks. Other than that, the back treatment is going reasonably well.  Jeff is prepping for a short trip and I get a week of scratching and grunting without offending the eyes and ears of my bro (he’s forever telling me how noisy I am…. well, I am.  I laugh loud, talk loud, and sneeze like I’m gettin’ paid to).   Jeff is very quiet and he moves like a cat, except when he doesn’t.  Also, he gets to entirely miss the new downstairs tenant moving in.  That should be fun – I want to video the moving out, but I won’t because that would simply be in dreadful taste. I am looking forward to improving my relations with the cats, not that they are bad now but once I feed them twice a day for a while they will definitely have a higher opinion of me.   It was funny actually, I sang last night, and about an hour later I heard the man downstairs singing.  Not bad, actually; I could hear friendly conversation; music hath charms – either that or he was trying to drown me out.  Most fun of all will be singing and playing at the top of my lungs day and night, as I have to practice for a new video, prob’ly Buy me a Beer, it being an instant modern classic and all. I’m not marching for Pride this year, there was some kind of logistical screw up. I had a couple of days of feeling really blue but I’m feeling summat perkier now – I’m spending a lot of time on basic self-care because it suddenly occurred to me that if I don’t want to feel bad every morning I have to start taking better care of this fragile collection of commensal critters, opinions, calcium, fat, etc.  Right now I’m concentrating on my back and my feet.  I come out of the back machine all high on endorphins, and then 15 minutes on the bus and I’m back at square one… still, I can feel a difference and I’m really making an effort with posture and not doing the stuff that hurts.  I still have a couple of songs to finish.  I think I will have no trouble staying busy for the long weekend….. thinking of Chipper coming down to the homestretch of the summer, two more long weekends to go… and hoping that the clients are not too asinine.

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