bad bad allegra

I did not mention before, and I should have, that one of my oldest and dearest family friends recently married off his firstborn.  It looks like it took place on a simply glorious day, and isn’t that a lovely dress?!  Anyway, congrats to Val and John and my sincere best wishes for a marriage at least as long, happy, fruitful and interesting as that of his parents’!  There, how’s that for an odd sounding blessing…..

In my defense, the email and link to the photo album went to an account I’m only checking once every week or two…. otherwise I would have been on the family news a bit faster.

Jeff and Keith are off to the PNE.  I am studying the BCIT syllabus.

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4 thoughts on “bad bad allegra”

  1. Val and John will be turning up here in a few days. Their honeymoon trip was seeing Canada by train – Halifax to Vancouver. I have had emails from their various stopovers along the way. What a grand idea for a honeymoon!

    What is it about the BCIT syllabus that interests you?

    Remember how pOp used to get restless every summer if he wasn’t registering for classes – ANY classes – in September? Perhaps you have that bug too?

  2. It does sound like fun.


    Possibly. Keith said it was a midlife crisis. As for registering for classes, I have signed up for mando lessons – finally.

  3. I can’t speak for you Allegra, but I think I am going through a mid-life crisis in direct reponse to knowing my reproductive fitness level sucks.

    Something I took for granted in earlier years, but leaves me wondering what my purpose in life is. My brain thinks I should have died no later than 40. My emotions think I should still be able to fall in love, have babies, be adored by a man.

    By the way Matt Ridley (author of Nature VIA Nurture) refers to GOD as the Genome Organizing Device.

  4. Oh, the Genome Organizing Device!!!! MUST INCLUDE in next sermon/homily, U ROCK girl for pointing that gem out.

    Yeah, I’m in mourning for my stuttering ovaries. Boys get distinguished and girls get old and fat and smelly and vague – perfect to be grandmas. The rest of this paragraph I’m sending to you off line as my dad and brother would both paint their screens with vomit if I posted it.

    And my mother doesn’t smell, I’m just being miserable.

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