Because I am evil / Sunday roundup

I am posting this link of “More Snappy Answers for Christian Questions”.

Talked to Dave D (the poet, not the photographer) and he said he didn’t notice anything exploding in Toronto.  He is just barely on the outside of the evacuation area too, fortunately.

Damn whiny pilots.

More churchiness.

Huffpo review of Pineapple Express which I intend to see…

Keith’s taking Jeff to the Keg for his brithday bash. I am coming along to ensure they don’t get into any trouble.

Jeff coaxed me into watching A Mighty Heart.  It’s a fracking excellent movie, but a total goddamned downer and believe me you won’t have any fondness for the Pakistani government when you’re done watching it.  The editing is so good that it kicks the ass of most contemporary films.   Angelina Jolie was awesome – the gel can act, folks – and I particularly liked Archie Panjabi who was also in Bend it Like Beckham.

How will the US buy itself back after this?

Journalism continues to be a dangerous form of employment in some parts of the world.

An interview with the author of the brilliant “Fungus the Bogeyman” and “When the Wind Blows”

I’ve met the downstairs neighbours.  They are lovely. Jacqueline and Jason….  Large amounts of relief all ’round.

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4 thoughts on “Because I am evil / Sunday roundup”

  1. When the Wind Blows resonated for me with The Deer Hunter. Can you work out why? (I find so many of your references obscure. this is one back atcha.)

    Happy the downstairs neighbors haven’t turned out badly.

    The snappy answers to Christian questions – WOW. As you know I have been immersed the last couple of weeks in two brands of Christian fundamentalism and most of these quotes are spot on…In one case it was an honest seeker, having his hands for the first time on a real live atheist; he needed to know how it was possible to be an atheist, and I told him. Turns out that outing my atheism hasn’t deprived me of connection with my kin, even though some of them saw it their duty to save my putative soul.

    My report of the Rempel Reunion on the website will NOT reflect these issues.

  2. Well, they are very apocalyptic. And they are very ‘what happens to an ordinary dude in extraordinary circumstances’ Apart from that, havna the foggiest.

    And I included the snappy answers just in case you ever decide to go all wrong with atheist politesse and ‘return fire’.

  3. I love Betty Bowers. I think that character sums up everything that’s wrong with contemporary American Christianity.

    I remember having a little chat with a lifelong Christian about poverty, and she said, and I quote, “Well I don’t think God doesn’t want you to have nice things” at which point I thought I’m glad I don’t have to jump through that entanglement of rhetorical hoops.

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