feeling yucky

I can’t really focus my eyes right now so I think I’ll give them a rest and go back to sleep.  I had a migraine earlier this week which had me go for a lie down at work for about 90 minutes. At the height of the migraine, just like Lymond, I was blind.  I could see in normal perspective about 1/10th of my normal visual field and the rest of it was a beige wad of cotton batten with a couple of flashing lights stuck in it.  That part – thankfully – only lasted about ten minutes, and I had the first aid attendant with me – and I got into a dark room and unconscious fast enough that it didn’t get worse or convert to head pain.  Also earlier this week I got tingling and numbness in my extremities. I suspect all this weirdness has to do with the spinal decompression stuff and will lift when I stop getting treatments.  In the meantime, I enjoy the treatments a lot and they seem to be helping with range of motion and my sleep, which is much improved for the most part.  The symptoms I wanted to get cleared up – the numbness and weakness in my right foot and leg, which is with me night and day and is emotionally and physically exhausting – I still have in plenty.  Oh well…..  Such a whiner…. really.  I need to count my blessings.

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