kids over

It was lovely to see the kids; we lazed around and ate takeout and watched CSI reruns and Scent of Green Papaya (Keith was bored).  It doesn’t sound too exciting but frankly I was still recovering from my day in the sun.  Jeff should be back either today or Friday. I miss him ferociously, and the cats do too; Eddie did the CUTEST thing I have ever seen a cat do.  When Jeff phoned day before yesterday, on a lark I held the phone up to him so he could hear daddy’s voice and his ears immediately perked up, he looked straight at the speaker on the phone, and then he started rubbing up against the receiver, all in less time than it takes to describe it.

For reasons best known to god and my volunteering spirit I will be orgalizing an X-1 company reunion. In otherwords, the company I joined when I moved to Vancouver, which morphed into the company I am now working for.  I am now racking my brains for a venue… there could be upwards of 100 people, if we crack open the invite list to spouses.  I’ve got to figure on a date, too.  I know we could do it in a restaurant but I would prefer a quieter venue.

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