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  1. Every time Joe the Fanboy at work sees stuff like this he sighs. He doesn’t say anything about how vegetarianism is really the way to go but we all know what he’s thinking.

  2. no need to go as far as vegetarianism, just know your meat. It takes effort, convenience goes out the window, but I doubt a life is fair trade for convenience…processed food is mostly formulated to keep you going to the doctor anyway, part of our modern medical/industrial/agribusiness megalith, designed with you in mind (and your financial resources)

  3. I couldn’t agree more chipper. I was a vegetarian for 2 years in my early 20s counting grams of protein and cooking from Diet for a Small Planet. I was fainting all the time and didn’t recognize it to be related to my diet which I thought was excellent. After much testing and diagnosis, including a 5-day emergency stint at a hospital in Edmonton, my Dad suggested I should try incorporating some meat into my diet. The mystery fainting did in fact clear up. I’ve been doing the just pure meat, vegetables and grains since Allegra pointed me to a Food Allergy Doctor in Toronto. The only inconvenience is when I’m traveling or am away from the house. You have to pay a lot of money for restaurents that make their meals from scratch (also hard to find in a pinch).

  4. I remember a friend of a friend in early Toronto days who went vegetarian, started passing out all the time, lost shippiles of weight, and when he went to the doctor the doctor fixed him with a basilisk gaze and said…. Thou shalt go out and buy one pound of pork liver, cook it thoroughly, and eat it.

    He instantly felt better than he had in months and never went back to vegetarianism. I believe I could be a vegetarian provided I got to sneak down some cheese once in a while. But I don’t want to try, I’m a big meat lover, bad as it is for the planet and all.

  5. the veggie stuff is a bust if you are not blood type AB. Dr. D’adamo discovered this in the 1950s. This guy is lited on the medical quack list. Understand, however, he is the same guy who stopped blood transfusions from going bad because he understood THAT DIFFERENT PEOPLE METABOLIZE THINGS DIFFERENTLY BECAUSE OF THEIR BLOOD TYPES.
    This guy figgered it out. He was a homeopathic doctor advocating vegetarianism for all until he noticed that a substantial # of his clients fared worse on a vegetarian diet.
    Theories are great until clinical proof determines differently. Since 60% of the world people have type O, these people cannot be vegetarians, and thrive. 10% are B, mostly Jewish (genetically nomad). The rest are A and AB. 299 more tests to distinguish further metabolic differences. Any reason the medical profession may not want to touch this one? Anyway, no CATs or any other screen required, just type, available for free for anyone having a child, or giving blood, for the first level of analysis. The only reason one uses any of the other 299 tests is for refinement, in the event hisher metabolism does n0t operate efficiently within the most simple parameters
    Everything you have ever heard about food is right for someone…just maybe not you
    For sure, everyone who buys processed foods, instead of making their own runs a risk. Not so much from the preservatives, but because of universally used fillers, which are, by nature, unprocessable. On the nutrition charts they show up as calories, and % of allowable and nutritional analyses. In your stomach it may be poison.
    Did we not learn from dying dogs and cats? Whose guinea pig did you want to be?

  6. Thanks Chipper. More detail can be found in Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s “4 Blood Types, 4 Diets, Eat Right 4 your Type”. Type 0 is the original blood type, all others are basically mutations which were able to survive under different conditions. Before this, people would have survived by hunting — so type 0 needs meat. I am Type A “a new mutation of the Neolithic peoples — a mutation that allowed them to better tolerate and absorb cultivated grains and other agricultural products” SO they were able “to forgo the hand-to-mouth existance..” of hunting for meat(page 9).

    As stated in an earlier comment I did very poorly during the 2 years I was on the vegetarian diet for no reason I could put my finger on at the time. I do think there is another element, probably an inadequate supply of one or two essential nutrients??

  7. D’adamo taught me that I need to take magnesium on a regular basis. Instead, doctors had suggested calcium. The extra calcium load basically put me into a state of clinical depression, because it robbed my system of all the mag it could find to process the calcium. Muscle cramps, twitching eye, nerve issues, from the synapse network running out of electrolyte…
    So yes, there may have been a nutritional deficiency OR something you were eating that was on your avoid list was blocking effective metabolism

    For anyone who doesn’t want to get books, here is the food list by internet. Of course, the rest of the site has lots of info, I am just cutting to the chase here

  8. I don’t see a lot peer reviewed on this subject so I stay out of it. That other people have benefited I have no doubt.

  9. oh, sorry, I actually read this reply after posting the previous pitch for good health.

    I will shut up now.

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