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  1. I couldn’t agree more Chipper. On a side note, Jenn has opened a Dog Rescue (not-for-profit business w/ legal papers and all). Currently she has her dog, a 9-month-old and 2 sets of puppies (3 plus 6). OMG1: she lives in a one-bedroom apartment!! OMG2: US Thanksgiving is coming up soon and 2 dogs (Jenn’s and ours) is crazy enough!!

  2. ok, I don’t understand that. To take dogs off the street here, (just to hold them until owners show up) the place has to fit all kinds of criteria that a one bedroom apt does not.
    How do you do multi-dog out of a box? Seems insane to me.
    The closest animal housing facility to here is in Pembroke, about 150 km, because no one will pay for the installation to be to spec locally. Used to be one of the farmers would keep found dogs, and when you went to pick yours up you gave him money for food and it was all good.
    Amalgamation certainly made our lives better, right?

  3. I guess I must have lived in more urban areas than you because the Humaine Society found our dog. We hoped a farmer wouldn’t find our dog on his property before we did because our dog might be shot (not rescued).

    Re: Jenn’s rescue. It is licensed and regulated. She is given dogs from local shelters when they are beyond capacity. Jenn has a network of foster homes for the dogs to be cared for while awaiting adoption SO the animals live with a family instead of in a kennel cage. Once in awhile things back up when Jenn is awaiting the dogs vetting. As far as care for the animals, you can be assured these dogs are being suitably spoiled with good food, lots of toys, plenty of off-lease play in the local dog parks and personal attention.

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