Back to work

I only have three days of work and then another 4 days off. I will probably have forgotten how to turn my PC on this morning it’s been so long since I looked at one.

The cats (or cat) peed and pooed on my clothing and bedding in Jeff’s absence, but all is forgiven; Gizmo grabbed my hand with both paws the other day to convey it to his head in the international cat sign language of PET ME YOU THUMBED FOOL!  (THUMBED being two syllables, natch).  Also Eddie did the same thing he did the last time he was talking to Jeff on the phone, which is to nuzzle the phone and start purring.

It was so slushy yesterday, it was like being trapped in a tasteefreeze machine that had run out of food colouring, except, well, iccky brown.

Sarah Palin, can you see Russia from your house?

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Go Away.

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  1. The polar bear story reminded me of the time when i was living in an igloo and an eskimo passed on a couple of pieces of wisdom, 1. only a fool lets himself sweat, 2. As far as a polar bear is concerned you are just a funny looking seal.

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