Back to work

I was super happy to be back at work yesterday.  While I was gone things apparently fell to rack and ruin in the neckrub department. LTGW said, “We were lost without you so I went out and bought an Allegra” which turns out to be a weird back massager thingy.  Two bucks at the dollar store!  Who knew I was so easily replaced? Fortunately that little piece of wood doesn’t enter transactions in our sluggish, crabby and unsupportable ERP, which, so rumour has, will be replaced by SAP in a couple of years so I guess I needn’t worry about being replaced.  Chris liked his atheist greeting card. Patricia liked her pommeau – a Calvados/pear cider blend – and I suspect she’ll like it even better when she tries it.  Robof9 forgave me for not bringing him anything, and I only gave postcards to my other two teammates but AT LEAST it was someplace I’d actually been.

I continue to have issues with jet lag at odd times of the day, but I should be back in the rhythm of things more or less by Wednesday.

Katie was by and organized her stuff.  Then we all watched the last half of an HBO movie Iron Jawed Angels, which was about the fight for the vote for women in the US.  There was an incredible roster of talent and the script was pretty good, although tiresomely anachronistic in a couple of spots.  Hillary Swank was great.


I got a wonderful night’s sleep last night.  On Tammy’s recommendation I am taking glucosamine and it really does reduce inflammation in my back and hips.  While in Paris we were talking about her recent diagnosis of osteo arthritis and when I showed off the special noises both of my knees make these days she said I ought to get to a doctor.  Two days of glucosamine and the noise is much reduced, at least in my left knee.  I suspect that stumping down a hill in uncomfortable or non-orthotic shoes every morning is stressing the joints.  I wish I still lived close to Tom and Peggy – I’d probably be more inclined to swim.

Time for a quick hosing down and then out into this rain, which I now laugh at because I have a Goretex jacket from MEC.  Hey, at least I’m not likely to leave the damned thing on the bus, like my last umberella.

Christmas joke:

Ozzy Osbourne said, “Christmas is a time for remembering.  So that’s me ****ed!”

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