Christmas day in the morning

I’d like to wish everybody a very merry Christmas; may the food be yummy, the company welcome (or you be welcome wherever you go) and the gifts tasteful and appropriate (if, unlike my family, you haven’t entirely given up on gift giving).

As much as we all like gifts, we declared a mutual non-aggression pact.  Gift giving can turn into a real mess of dashed expectations and expensive mistakes; I guess I associate Christmas with the a five pointed star that consists of food, friends, family, fellowship and films.  Because you got all this free time and you don’t want to talk to each other, so it’s time to watch a movie.

A very Merry Christmas to my cherished progenitors, nautilus3 and Loki.  They are not experiencing the best of health at the moment, but instead of complaining the worst they will say is that it is ‘tiresome’.  I hope to be like them someday.

Happy Christmas to my brother Jeff; we’ve been living together 8 months now and we’ve had our ups and downs but 2009 is looking mighty fine.  Kitties miss you! Eddie had a howlathon at 5:30 this morning that sounded like a cross between an aria and a lament for the dead.  I think they also miss going outside.  Merry Christmas to Eddie and Gizmo.  I’d give them catnip but Eddie’s already a bit rangy.  Merry Christmas to Jeff’s friend Pat in Victoria.

A very Merry Christmas to my Unca Dave. I can’t imagine what’s it’s like to be getting cancer treatments over Christmas and I hope I never find out.   I haven’t had a single cigarette since I found out he was ill with cancer.  I do look forward to hearing his stories again live as well as having them written down; nautilus3 has recorded some so we can all enjoy them.  And I wish my pOp would let me re-post his stories from the Air Force, they are so funny and so well written that he owes it to the world.

I’d like to see Unca Barry’s stories too, that man is among the best raconteurs ever.  I won’t wish him a Merry Christmas though – he is Baha’i after all.  Instead I will wish him peace and joy, and that the riches of contentment continue to bless him and Ontie Jackie.

The rest of the Victoria contingent springs to mind; all the folks at Pondside, including Dr. Filk (now in Alberta), Shauna, Katherine, Ontie Mary, Granny, and the folks at her retirement home who feed her and look after her so very well.  Season’s Greetings also to cousin John.  Alex, Rob, Darcy, Curtis and babbies: a safe, warm and cuddly holiday to you all!

Blessings of the season to Lois, Bobby, Jesse, Kaitlyn (sp?) and the rest of the Alberta contingent of cousins and rellies.  Season’s Bleatings to Ruth, John, Lindsay, Jessica and Kaileagh (sp?).  Now I know why my mother does the genealogy thing, it’s so she has a reference for how to spell people’s names.

Reason’s Greetings to my beloved coworkers; Tanya, Cris, Andy and Patricia; my lunch buddies Peter A, LTGW, Robof9, ScaryClown, Francis, John A.; my ‘from the dawn of time’ coworkers Ngoc, Mohammad, Jarmo, Mike B, Eugene, Jim E., Sarah, Harry, Ian, Rob B., Michel, Lindsay, Peter T.; all the techs who put up with my constant stream of whiny emails; Sandy P., Mike McG, Steve and Yvonne, all the folks in the cafeteria with a special shout out to Zari, a hug for Kyi and a quick grope for Chris; largesse and neckrubs for the IT folks.

A big hug for Paul, Keith and Kate, whom I will see later today. A wave to Suzanne and Daxus, even if Daxus is being exceedingly boneheaded these days, and the less said about that the better.

A heartfelt plea for another year of domestic peace and many thanks for the blessings of neighbourliness to Jacquie and Jason, the best neighbours we could have ever wished for (she says as she works her way through Jacquie’s baking, and thank god I had biscotti in exchange). How do, to the landpeers Tony and Lisa, and their family.

Merry Christmas to Tammy and her biomom Janet.

For Lady Miss B, and her excellent spouse Joe, Many Happy Reorientations, lumberjack smoothies, etc.

For my Chewish friends, Chappy Chanukah!  That would be Elly and Bonnie.  Season’s Greetings to their spouses as well.

Glen and Maggie, Jim and Jan, MERRY CHRISTMAS.  I think of times we did the Christmas gathering stuff with you and get all nostalgic.  Oh, and G&M thank you for the single nicest Christmas card I got this year.

Although special mention must be made of Brother Jim’s card.  He sent me a pen and a really cool card.  Please check out his Alternate Energy Calculator, blogrolled herewith.

A happy clap of joy for all my Livejournal buddies (u_must_b_joking, in case you care).  I just want to testify that your continuing trials and triumphs are more fun than a day at the beach, more engrossing than a Dunnett novel, and the sad bits make me cry really hard, and the scary bits are really really scary.  Best of all are the times you say EXACTLY what I’m thinking, but BETTER, TERSER AND FUNNIER.  You folks can WRITE!!!!  Yee haw.  And a special thanks to Jon Singer, who is going to lase moldy pumpkin pie.  Yes, you read that right.  And he’s identical in appearance to Rincewind; Terry Pratchett himself said so.

A poke to my Facebook buddies.

A tweet to my Twitter buddies (allegras, in case you care).

Merry Christmas to everybody on the casts of CSI, NCIS, and True Blood!

If I missed you for greetings, I sorry.  I tried to think of just about everybody.

God rest ye merry, ye following gentlemen and ladies:  Mr. Music, Cindy, Dave JD, Chipper, Tamara, Anne, Jerome and Shannon, Kopper & entourage, Tom & Peggy and retinue, Deb and menagerie, Cousin Gerald & fambly; the bus drivers of the lower mainland, and all the ships at sea.  And if God and the Flying Spaghetti Monster don’t do it for you, just substitute ‘the laws of physics’.  They always seem to work for me.

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  1. And a hearty hug and Reason’s Greetings to you as well! (I always substitute “the law of conservation of energy” for the whole God thing…)

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