Scallops and scallions

We were informed that Le Neubourg had the best market in Normandy, or more properly, Eure, and by damn if it wasn’t true.  We will have lovely pictures when we finally get home.  We got a dozen freshly shucked scallops, scallions, lettuce, cress, grapefruit, a whole chicken and a snootful of ‘how the French really live’; for less than 30 Euros, which given that we had a 108 Euro meal last night at the mansion at the end of the lane kinda puts things in perspective.  The duck was amazing.

Driving in France is loads of fun.  I keep thinking of all the people I know who would love to be doing what I’m doing these days, tooling along country roads at 90K while sheep and goats and horses and cattle go about their business.  We got dreadfully close to two goats today.


I have very cute pictures of the feral cats.  There are apparently 18 but we’ve only seen seven.  Since I fed them the remains of my chicken lunch they’ve decided I’m a-okay.

I also have pictures of Connelles, the little town where we’re staying.  Hopefully we’ll get our cameras home in one piece.

Only one more full day and then…. back home.  It’s been a slice, but my own bed is calling me.  I’m not looking forward to 13 hours of being stuck in a plane and two hours on the ground in Toronto.

I really like the resort.

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