William Petersen

Of course he’s well known as the ‘about to resign’ Gil Grissom in CSI, but he was also Will Graham in Michael Mann’s Manhunter long about 20 years ago.  Imagine Gil Grissom but young, thin and hawter than the hubs of Hades, folks.  I just saw the Director’s Cut of Manhunter. Re Mr. Petersen..

1. He’s bowlegged!  Who knew?  He certainly doesn’t get shot so you can see his bowlegs in CSI.

2. He’s had that steely intensity with the curiously wiggly smile and body jiggle forever.

3.  He comes across as cerebral and sensitive.  OOOOO.  Fangirl squawking inserted here.

4.  Joan Allen and Kim Griest are SO good.

5.  Brian Cox is TOTALLY AWESOME as Hannibal Lecter.

Guess I liked the movie.

Jeff and Keith are sidebysiding on Left 4 Dead. This makes me laugh my ass off, because the ad for Left 4 Dead was ALL over the Metro in Paris.

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