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I have a coffee date with a guy I met on an online dating site.  Since I don’t have his permission, I will provide no details.  Don’t worry mOm, it’s in a public place in daylight.

Very much looking forward to the Darwin Dunking on Sunday.  Atheists can have an infant dedication through the Unitarians if they want a party-time equivalent.

Go Obama team on the whole Getting the Constitution off Life Support concept.

I didn’t see Aretha Franklin’s Inaugural hat, but I hear the dude what designed it has orders for over a thousand, and thanks to the power of the internets his phone started ringing about two minutes after the Inauguration.  Having seen it I am somewhat amazed that a giant fruit bat swathed in Swarovsky crystals managed to drape itself so nicely on her head, but there’s no telling what animal trainers can get up to these days.

I’m gonna call B’nai Brith today and find out which English language Arab websites refer to Jews as apes and swine so I can tenderly remonstrate with them.  I’m sick and tired of being called a racist by Jews because I don’t want heavily armed dudes killing babies because their parents didn’t have the money to emigrate to Canada.  I don’t want the destruction of Israel, but the last campaign was more a demonstration by a bully than the continuation of diplomacy by other means. Hamas is a greedy, lying, violent sack of putrescent ideology, and I hope they all keel over from necrosis of the brain.   On the other hand, if I don’t actually challenge both sides, Jews are right to call me racist, so I’m going to suck that one up.  I will calm myself by watching Pat Cadell videos.  You know he lived in BC for years, and once gave one of his rants wearing a Canucks t shirt which made me crack RIGHT up.

I liked seeing Keith last night.  He was here for supper, to drop off my memory stick and to pick up his cell phone, which was eaten by Jeff’s bad, bad, sofa.

I liked seeing Kate last night.  She appeared at the front door of Planet Bachelor at the same time I did last night and I burst into tears I was so happy to see her (and just as rapidly calmed down).  Let’s just say I didn’t have a good day yesterday and leave it at that, oh, but how could I not mention I’m hundreds of dollars poorer AGAIN because I had to buy new glasses and they won’t be covered, but my prescription has worsened and the expensive ***** coatings on the old ones are trash.  Nikon lenses are the gold standard my *****.  Then when we got on the bus to leave (I was only there for an hour and had a snack with Paul and Katie) we met up with Wendybird!  It was lovely to see her and talk to her again.  She lives with her brother like me, and while she’s no Rhodes scholar she is one of the most cheerful and sweettempered people I ever met.

Katie’s doing super well in school still and got 95 on her last test.

Comcast layoffs are affecting people I know in the US.

This month is a three paycheck month, and happy I am about that.

The cats have trained me to pour them a glass of water if we happen to meet up in the bathroom.  Go thumbed primate.

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