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I had a wonderful day and evening, sorting papers and rendering my room quite tidy, and then visiting at Planet Bachelor, where for an extra special bonus there was Jim, Jan and Nita (who was just back from a demonstration re Gaza in Surrey).  Nita is at VCC – like Katie, but at a different campus –  taking heavy equipment repair, go women in trades.

After Paul picked me up – accompanied by Keith, who promptly started asking me pointed questions about my parenting, or lack of it – we went to Burnaby Mountain and looked down over the city. There were kids sliding down the hill in the purest, most mood elevating sunshine, on that grainy crystalline snow that Paul calls corn snow, and the city itself was resting under an enormous smooth blanket of fog.  I was very glad to get up the hill in the sun however briefly, and Mt. Baker on the way down the hill was so beautiful…

The pork roast Paul cooked was better than anything I’ve produced recently, the company was awesome, and then I had a miserable ride home on the transit.  25 minute wait for the 106; seconds of waiting for the Skytrain, and then another 25 minute wait for the 25 bus.  I was so chilled when I got home that it took me about half an hour to warm up enough to go to sleep. Note to self – dress for the outside, not the inside, dummy.

This morning I decided I had no interest in the Mexican coffee that I am finding kinda bitter and savourless, so I cracked open the Sumatran, and the aroma that is currently permeating the kitchen could be used to waft angels home.  Happy sigh.

I hear from Lady Miss B that Vixy (half of noted filk due Vixy and Tony) will be watching the inauguration live.  I am happy for her.  It’s an historic moment and I’m glad that someone I know will be there.

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