Teeth and nail-biting

I had to get the bite adjusted on a lower molar (it still hurts to bite down but not as much) and I’ve got two cavities to re-excavate prior to losing my dental plan.  And I may be in for another crown, but that’s pretty normal, and there is always the possibility that there’s an infection the xrays didn’t show; I don’t care, I just want it fixed.

Landpeer Tony beat at the house with a sledgehammer for an hour and a half Thursday night.  Jeff thought of remonstrating with him and decided it was pointless.  They still haven’t brought me back the keys they took the day they ripped the deck off the house.

I phoned Kim when I got out of the dentist’s last night and the house will be ready Monday.  Jeff will call her and inspect it for move in readiness as he doesn’t work Mondays and then we’ll hire a truck, likely for the first weekend in June, as it’s likely to be too nuts between now and then anyway, not packed, John service, and the generalized insanity of having dozens of friends and family I haven’t seen in years or many moons turn up and need coddling.  I am now to the point where I don’t feel like I’m going to fall off the edge of the world.  I feel a more grim determination that I’m going to do the best I can by my year off, and really really make an effort to finish things.  John kicked my ass many times to be more physically and musically active; strange that he had to die before I felt like listening to him.

A big bag of his clothes arrived; thank you mOm.  I got the frog silk shirt back, thank you for your indulgence Juliana, and I mention his white tiger shirt and his superhero cape.  I will be interested to hear what Lady Miss Banjola would like done with that.  I want the Beacon music shirt but the rest should go to his friends and family.  Also, I am going quite insane thinking of who should get the willie warmer he owned – and occasionally wore, rather horrifyingly – and I kinda think his old housemate Colin should get it but I’ll leave that little conundrum to the family as well.  I can’t imagine Keith wanting or wearing it, or Jesse for that matter, and those were his only two nephews.

Most important thing on my list between now and the 28th is writing John’s eulogy.  There will actually be two, one for public and one for private consumption, but the public one comes first.

Took Jeff to the Keg as a gross act of self and brotherly indulgence.  Today I need to pack, pack and pack again, as well as launder and throw out trash.

I’m having a rilly hard time concentrating at work.  No surprise there.

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4 thoughts on “Teeth and nail-biting”

  1. The bag o’ shirts Juliana packed up to go to me. I’m making a quilt out of them. Paul grabbed what he thought were all his convention shirts when he and the girls were there, but Juliana noticed a bunch left behind. Anyway, I don’t mean to stake a claim on them if you or someone in the family wants them, and by all means keep the Beacon shirt. The tiger shirt and the purple UBC Research shirt are the only ones I’m prepared to quiver my lower lip over.

    And the superhero cape is for me. The cock sock, I am happy to say, is NOT.

  2. It’s all going back in the box. I had to sigh over them. They will go to the Lundervilla this afternoon.

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