Move 99.44% complete.  One/ two last carload(s) and cleaning and then we’re outta there.  Slept in the new place last night. Woke up with a new song in my head (always a good sign). Took the bar off the back door to freak the landpeers out, and it worked.  Really, I shouldn’t have, but DAMN it felt good to return a serve for a change.  Rassenfrassen.

She Gets Like That:


I love you, I hate you, I need you, I miss you

Growing older never made me wise

When I think how I felt the last time I was with you

It’s a feeling that logic defies.

First half, first verse (there’s more, but it ain’t settled)

I have tried to walk away

but my thoughts will not wear shoes

I would pity my poor mind

if I had a mind to lose

When somebody says hello

I jump straight up just like a cat

My friends all raise their eyebrows

and remark “She gets like that”

etc etc.

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