Miss Margot proves her worth yet again

I have never been more impressed with a kitten than I am with this little critter.  With an aplomb that was miraculous to view, she adjusted to the move (although not to the car ride during which she gave Jeff the hairy eyeball and screeched continuously, so much for being quiet) and then she kicked it up a notch. 

Gizmo was very very freaked out.  We had a ‘quiet room’ for them in the new house, but Gizmo just crawled into his cat carrier and shoved himself against the back wall.  Margot stepped into the front of the cat carrier and cuddled with him because he smelled scared (she’s been sniffing him a lot).  Now Gizmo and Margot are roaming the house together, and snoozed under the downstairs coffee table together last night.  Jeff says, “Shared trauma’ll do that to ya.” 

I hope that later on today we’ll be able to let them out for the first time. 

Dentist appt this afternoon.  Fillings.  Grody.  Then back to the old house.  Grody.  Then more unpacking.  Grody.  Do… not….want…..

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