I have a number of appointments today

And so I cannot start off with my 10 – 5 routine of work which I have planned for myself as the best way to treat my year off. I will, however, be working in the middle of the day on something, probably a choon.  There certainly are enough of them, and John’s song is not written down yet, so that might be a good place to start.  Tomorrow…. up whenever, cook breakfast, to work at 10.

See how I took all the fun out of everything by making it all like work?  But I know only too well what will happen to me if I don’t put some new habits in place of the old one.  I’ll end up completely deranged in a big pile of paper, and that’s not too far from what things look like right now.

I am reading Austen’s Mansfield Park.  Fanny Price is a remarkable creation.  She looks like a prig but she’s just really really sensitive.  The description of how she feels when she goes back to Portsmouth to be with her noisy gross family is awesome.

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