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I found this bird at the base of the place I used to work. I don’t know what it is.  It could be a russet thrush.


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4 thoughts on “what’s on my camera”

  1. Yes, it could be, but this is the season of confusing juvenile plumage. Can you give its length, beak-tip to tail-tip? That will help in identification.

  2. Robin is 8 1/2 inches. The likeliest spotted-breast thrushes given the ranges would be Hermit thrush or Swainson’s thrush at six and six and a quarter inches. The hermit is more russet than the Swainson’s. None of the thrushes in my field guide (Golden) EXACTLY fit the pattern of markings, but there is often a fair bit of variability. that’s the best I can do.

  3. A hermit thrush… that would make sense. I heard Swainson’s or as I prefer russet thrushes ALL the time at the place I used to work. Woo hoo, still makes me happy to say that.

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