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Uh huh. The inside of the house, candidly, looks like a very well behaved bomb went off.  The kitchen, blast it, is just about the worst room in the house. My room, who cares, it’s neater than what I moved out of.  My poor old landpeeress. I have really been messing with her head over the last few days.  I guess it’s supposed to be the last gasp of passive aggressive bs, but really, some days being passive aggressive is all I’m good for.  I just wish I wasn’t enjoying it so much.  It’s so mean, and so pointless; so much fun.

The cats have “Silent, upon a peak in Darien” ventured out of the house.  I hauled Miss Margot out because for once she wasn’t going voluntarily – Eddie and Gizmo followed boom boom afterwards.  They got let out again after supper, not deliberately.  Miss Margot we keep close because the next door neighbour, bless him, told us about the raccoons.  We even know where they live…. SO hard to tell when their feetprints run up and down the carport wall, leading to a massive hole in the soffit.  Goldingit.

Gracious.  His master’s voice.  Gizmo came up and rubbed himself on me – strange how much more affectionate he is since Miss Margot’s arrival – but would not come in when I opened the door.  As soon as Jeff showed up demanding to know what loud noise I had made (one of Jeff’s ‘thangs’ is knowing what made that noise) Gizmo threw himself at the door and so they are all back inside again, safe as one can be.

Work a null system.  No comments. Except as soon as I typed that, I knew it was a lie.  Should have gone for a walk at lunch with Trevor and ScaryClown, but feet so ow ow after the move I couldn’t bear it and LTGW sat down and he’s looking SO good these days, working out really hard and that awesome short hair and beard thing that he’s got going that makes my crank go round and round.  Happy sigh.  I just like looking at him, is all…..  Katie’s voice on the v-mail around 11 wishing me a good day at work and telling me she loved me.  Seeing her later in the day at Planet Bachelor, Paul having picked me up from work to take me to my dental appointment.  Did I mention I got a filling today? Stu Katz is slicker than snot on ice when it comes to getting people frozen.  I did not feel a damned thing and the freezing was in at 4:45 and completely gone by 7:30.  Indeed.  And I also got four copies of the housekey made, one each for the dear ones, and went back to the old place and got more stuff packed and hauled back here thanks to Paul, and talked to Mike briefly on the phone, and went to the butcher and got 4 sets of skewers for the barbie and Keith had an interview and will go up to this place in North Van for Thursday for a shakedown looksee and came by Geek House for the skewers and then went to karate on his bike, and Katie says she’s done with Dax and that I can s-can her phone and leave her phoneless for a week or two and then buy her a Koodo phone that she’ll never give the number out for (yeah, right).  I am going to sleep on this one and consider the implications before I follow through.

Holy Virgin, look at the SIZE of these frackin’ mosquitoes!!!

Vancouver is the best place in the world to live.  It won this silly contest again.  I wish Gregor Robertson, Mao of Vancouver (sorry, I keep dropping consonants) hadn’t sounded like such a bullshit scam insurance salesman crap wholesaler in the article, but I guess you can’t have everything.  I did vote for him so I can’t really complain.

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