The world continues to be what it is

Carrie made dinner last night.  Jeff and I “Om nom nom”. We’re hoping to head to Jericho Beach tonight, but we shall see.  It is usually SO much fun.  So I want to go….

Things are settling back into the new old normal.  Packing continues apace but I haven’t done any yet!  (Carrie sets a brutally high standard for energy level, and always has).  Paul came over last night bearing beer and strawberry cream pie and the four of us watched Ascent in the Criterion collection.  The camera work and acting are nothing short of spectacular, but it’s a Russian movie so they all die in the end.  (Now Jeff is going to thump me one, but none of you are ever going to watch it so I’m okay with that… Jeff’s attitude towards spoilers is a fierce and uncompromising one.)  The truck is rented for Sunday. I am happier, but when certain thoughts or songs cross my mind (like Jack Frost, frinstance) I start crying again. Only now it doesn’t hurt so much.

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