Crabby at the craigslist again

Everything in italics is quoted from Anonymous Dude’s ad.  This is what I wanted to email him but I decided to mock him on my blog instead.  He is in search of A Muse.

I am absolutely astounded by your craigslist advertisement.

Good day. I am a writer in need of a woman who would like to assist me in typing and editing several works of prose and poetry. I am a fun loving and easy going man with a great deal of interests.

Uh, that would be a great many interests, or a large number of interests.

I could be described as accentric,

No, you couldn’t, because that isn’t a word.

but I will except that as an artists perogitive.

And perogitive isn’t a word either.  Except should be accept. Artists should read artist’s.

I am also a true romantic and adventurer who is world savy and passionate

You mean savvy, which looks less and less likely.

If you would like to be involved in the creative process send me a reply and I will send you a link to the stories I am working on presently.

You don’t need a muse, you need spell-check.  Good luck with your search.  If you were trying to be funny with all the typos and problems with usage, it didn’t work; a woman with any sensitivity or smarts regarding the English language would be as taken aback as I was.  If, on the other hand, English isn’t your native language, congratulations; you have achieved success in appearing to be a native speaker with a learning disability.

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  1. I just found out that I travel in charmed circles. I completed public school, high school (academic stream), university (HBSc.) and 21 years as a MathStat in the government. It has been my opinion that most Canadian are literate and fairly educated. I recently had a visit with a girlfriend from university who is a Principal in an Ontario Elementary school. Apparently, the majority of the parents are not very educated and in fact submit sick notes (among other things) that are plagued with grammatical and spelling errors.

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