Apocalypto without subtitles

Jeff, sensing that with Keith and ScaryClown present he could fire up this movie, did so.

We watched without subtitles.

I thought it was an amazing movie.  All I ask of a film is : Take me to a place I haven’t been before.

Mel Gibson is like the Ezra Pound of filmmaking.  He’s an anti-Semite with some babbleworthy ideas, but by Beelzebub’s britches can that man make a film (or in Ezra’s case, write poetry for the ages).

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One thought on “Apocalypto without subtitles”

  1. Just so it’s clear: there is no spoken English in the film. All the dialog in the film is Yucatec Maya. We were able to work out what was going on easily most of the time. We will also no doubt watch it with subtitles at some point.

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