Things keep happening in my personal life that are amusing and appalling and entertaining, and I have to keep my mouth shut.  I feel like a kid on the wrong side of a bathroom door, dancing up and down and clutching my cameltoe, but no, no talky about any of those things that are on my mind, whatever the infelt urgency.  I think that there aren’t many kinds of human speech; bragging, stroking, complaining, and sharing information. I want to brag 80% and share information 20% and those proportions make for long odds against my hypothetical communiqué being of interest to even my mother, who has had little use for tiresome blowhards as long as I can remember. With this sad and frustrated concession to common sense, good manners and self-interest, all things I show little respect for under most circumstances, I must turn my attention to other things and not splash my business about in an irresponsible or tasteless fashion.

Okay, that’s enough whining, nobody frikkin’ cares.  On the plus side, Katie was here and we blasted through a whole bunch of recorded television.  Last ep True Blood, season openers for NCIS, House and Castle.  Yup, sat through 5 hours of tv today, but at least I got the f=cking DVR on without calling Jeff at work for the nth-t-nth time.  Also, got one more song written down, being Cash Flow… a sweet little tune.  In the last couple of days I got Calliope and Wish it was Mine done too, or did I report on that already (grumbling fuddy duddy noises.)

The weather has been g for glorious.

To my joy and astonishment

Keith and Mike accompanied me to the Jericho Beach Folk Club last night, where we saw Lauren Sheehan.  As always, I can’t recommend who I saw there highly enough.  She played a Guild.  A couple of times I closed my eyes and I could hear John playing.  Here’s a taste…. although she was solo, no bass or harmonica last night.  Also, she played one kick ass banjo.

Lynn sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (we all joined in on the choruses) and I was crying by the end of it.  I saw my first resonator ukelele last night; the man playing it was UNBELIEVABLE.  All in all an amazing evening.  I didn’t get to play, and I don’t care.