Watch and pray

…which is the Wake family motto.  Very appropriate now that Unca Dave is so sick.  The family visit was by his earnest wish, but he got dehydrated and he’s now in hospital in Castlegar, and hopefully he will be stabilized enough soon to go home with Alyssa and Derek and the girls.  I still can’t believe her oldest is 13.  I am filled with a heartfelt and humble thankfulness that Alyssa is there for Dave; may we all be present with our loved ones with competence and a loving heart.

I made cookies this morning. The double batch of cookies I made yesterday VANISHED shortly after Keith and Jeff got home, so I made more.  Refrigerator cookies are good for that.

It’s Paul’s birthday today.  Keith is going to call him and wish him a happy birthday, as well as giving him the news about Dave.

This too shall pass away.