Summer and fall mix it up

The weather has been going back and forth, back and forth between summer and fall.  It was pretty hot yesterday.  I mowed the lawn.  I wish it was the last time for this season, but I imagine I’ll have to do it sometime again in October.

Paul called from Ontario to wish himself a happy birthday (that was pretty funny, actually) and to get the update on Dave.  He also mentioned he’d be going to visit Chipper on the way back from his canoe trip with Tish and Terry and Margo (Tish’s cousin).  That should be fun for all concerned.

Jeff’s taking the day off.  He bet me $20 (and remember, I don’t normally gamble) that he’d a) get Xenon running b) get the Xbox diagnosed (it failed yesterday when Keith fired it up, causing much unhappiness, and it’s an E74 failure mode, whatever that is, which is apparently so common it automatically extends your warranty) and c) get the new media box running the way he wants it to by bedtime tonight (or possibly tomorrow morning).  Knowing what I know about the ‘total depravity of inanimate things’ (Katharine Walker) I took that bet. … actually, it turns out that Xenon is being a fussy gussy, so I am not going to collect; I thought it was too much when Jeff suggested his busy day.