Yet more Homicide

What a frikkin amazing show that was.  The approach to racial issues – the ongoing heffalump in the parlor in North America – and sexism, and the whole personal life coming to work issue – all of these things are handled in a manner which marries the visceral and the cerebral in a perfect cassoulet.  I looked up Yaphet Kotto on wikipedia.  Do likewise, if you want to read one of the strangest bios in the history of entertainment.  Did you know that it is possible that he is the illegitimate descendent of Queen Victoria? and he’s Jewish??? He doesn’t LOOK Jewish.  Homicide has also had me looking up Baltimore.  Baltimore is the same size as the GVRD.  And what can you say about a show that has John Waters poking his head in as a guest star every couple of seasons?  Le sigh.

And I don’t get tired of looking at Andre Braugher, who is like a force of nature.  Keith says he’s the adorable bastard of the show, like Lymond.  (Me so happy Keith read Lymond.)

Paul and Keith were here for dinner last night.  My invention – and my energy level – failed me, so we picked up a chicken and salad.

Absolutely nothing done on the songs, but I wrote some more on Graceful Chaos, a new sf short.  Keith likes what he sees so far.