long post

I bagged on the puddle yesterday, but in good news, I have lost ten pounds since I quit working and the trend continues.  Who the hell knew that eating less and exercising more would work?  I am looking forward to v..e..r..y slowly losing the rest of it.  Keith is dragging me out to exercise today. Paul and Keith and Katie went jogging on Saturday, can you credit it?  I thought it was happening at one, so I was shopping on Main St. I bought…. a pick guard.  Two instrument wall hangers.  A gig bag to replace the trashed one which Eddie whizzed on.  It was trashed before Eddie whizzed on it; I hated the damned thing and the zippers were junk.  I came this close to getting a guitar stand, but no. Margot continues to enjoy her cat toy, to the extent that she came and slept with it while it was charging on my bed last night.  Although her appearance in my room was probably triggered by Eddie permacrabbing at her in the hallway last night. Yes, I permanently mounted a power bar a railing on my bunk bed.  There are four items plugged into it currently, three of them chargers for various gadgetty things. Nascar yesterday.  I am starting to like it, because when I watch it I go into this really creative zone.  Whatever works.  I solved a story problem while watching the race yesterday and went upstairs to write it down.  At one point a car spun out, exploding grass divots into the air at 150 miles an hour, and then ‘wearing’ said grass divots as it went into Pit Road.  Keith and I looked at each other, and Keith said, “Camouflage; you’re doing it wrong!” which cracked me up.  It even went back onto the track with grass stuck in the bumper, reminding me irresistibly of a muscleman with spinach in his teeth. I can’t leave a message for Katie because Daxus filled her mailbox.  Katie just shrugs.  Since the phone’s in my name, I’m going to block it his number for her; she’s looking for work right now and it’s essential that she have access to her voicemail. Thursday Brian C. and Chari are coming over for dinner and la musica.    Mike will be free that evening and bring that sweet electric twelve string he recently rescued from his parent’s basement.  It makes everything sound like a Byrds song. Today…. all the things I haven’t been doing, like getting my taxes mailed off and booking a truck to empty the storage locker, and maybe, just maybe, knocking off another song.