Update… re Redskins

I am writing in response to your email to the Redskins concerning the

recent stories in the Washington Post.  The Post’s reporting has been
significantly one-sided, incomplete, and inaccurate.  I would be happy
to discuss the issues in these stories with you any time if you would
like to call me.  I don’t have your number, but my office number is

David P. Donovan

General Counsel

Washington Redskins

21300 Redskin Park Drive

Ashburn, VA  20147

I’m going to put together a list of questions after I talk to Jeff and Loki.  I want to call this guy.

Science roundup

I loves me some cheap mass storage.

I should probably bring the results of this study to Katie’s attention. Hair stylists and social services?

A great idea for cleanup of radioactive areas…. love the picture of the waldo.

I talk to the trees…. and now they’re actually talking back. No, not really, but that’s the way to bet.

Great, a Taser version of an elephant gun.

Brain, brain, go away.  The examination of and debate over male/female brain differences continues.

Creating your way to reproductive success.

Can I pat myself on the back for linking to the metal velcro article two days before boingboing?  I AM a trendspotter, after all.

Joke of the day

A mathematician walks into a bar and asks for ten times the number of drinks anyone else normally has.

“Wow!” says the barkeep, “That’s an order of magnitude.” (Stolen from the front page of reddit).

Okay, so yesterday was a little intense.  I got up thinking “I am a lazy sea cow,” and immediately went to the computer and, start to finish, got “Brew Your Own” done.  Chords, lyrics, da works.  Then I went to the kitchen and cleaned it, including the bottom of the stove where gross stuff had leaked out of the last couple of pies, and putting away everything that had gone ahoo, and taking out the recycling, and cleaning the sinks, and the stove top and the counters.  Then I shined two pairs of shoes, dusted the treadmill, ran a load of laundry, hung pegs in the hallway, hung my guitar hangers, and then Katie came over and got completely caught up with True Blood and showed me her new tattoo (Katie has ONE SIZE IN TATTOOS. LARGE), so Kiss it and a big pair of lips are now tattooed on her butt.  I am very glad Katie is living where she is as she is obviously much mentally healthier than she used to be, but she’s turning into a damned big canvas.  Next tat will be a Tenniel illustration, either the caterpillar or the cat, behind her ears.  Anyway, while Katie was here I wrote two new songs and wrote down the lyrics… I’ll be practicing the songs enough today to be able to transcribe them into Songwriter. At this rate I’ll never catch up, but I’m smiling this morning… and I got enough sleep, too.

I think I should always be taking vitamin D, the change in my mood since I started taking it has been amazing.