A new melody

This is called “It’s Time To Get Up.”  I wish it didn’t sound quite as much like Bittersweet Symphony by Verve but shit happens.

There are four voices, all sounding like Midi harp in this example.

The mother is the alto:

Hm, Hm, Hm, it’s time to get up, it’s time to get up, I know you’re grumpy and your bed is lumpy, but it’s time to get up.

The son is the tenor:

One more hour, mother, one more hour father, I’m so tired mother, One more hour mother.

The daughter is the soprano:

Today I’m gonna have to look pretty, you know it, today I’m gonna have to look pretty, you know it, I’m gonna have to look fine, fine, fine, I’m gonna make that boy mine mine mine.

The father is the bass:

Time to get up, Time to get up, I’ve said it once I won’t say it again, Time to get up!

Time to get up

Here’s the same tune voiced in French Horn – you can actually hear the bass line.

Time to get up french horn

The two aren’t connected but happy birthday Loki.

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