The lying blogger

Ik.  The latest episode of House revolved around a blogger.  Everybody lies, but I try to make any lying I do on the blog one of those Omission rather than COmission things.  Nobody wants to know about my bowel movements, my sex life, my elaborate fantasies of revenge, my elaborate fantasies of, well, anything else.  Anybody who wants to know about these things (Ik, in case you hadn’t noticed) can apply for the details from me personally.  In person, I can lie with tremendous savoir faire, but not if you ask the right question.  Because, strangely enough, if you ask the right question, I’m obliged to tell the truth.  If you ask the question in a really offensive way, I’m likely to lie in a way a cheap rug would be all envy for.

In the meantime, I am reasonably happy and reasonably healthy and I’ve started making vacation plans for later this year, so there you go.  Nobody wants to know that because it’s boring.  I’ll have to think of something exciting, like, I’m planning on getting Keith a jacket tonight.

PS, somebody once commented that they don’t think I’m a liar, but I do tend to answer questions in a very evasive way.  I guess it’s better than saying, “Ik”.