Allegra the human ATM bonds with her son

I offered to buy Keith a leather jacket, so we went to Metrotown last night to pick it up. It looks awesome on him, even if it is brown, and it has a zip out lining so it is actually a three season jacket. After we went to the Bell store and I picked up a Blackberry, which I have now set up except the damned password for the phone doesn’t actually work and they don’t have any customer service over the phone until Monday, how lovely. Sigh. Anyway, it’s not like hundreds of people are calling me and I need to access the voicemail immediately. Apart from that little glitch, set up was quick and easy, and I can now type with somewhat more ease.

After the phone, we went to a Japanese restaurant in Metrotown and DAMN the food was good. We sat next to an Asian couple with two little kids. The little girl stared at both of us, but after half an hour she started fussing. Most of the time she was solemn as all get out, but when I started imitating her she grinned so adorably that Keith and I just melted.  Keith always gets stared at by little kids.  He’s attracted that kind of attention since he was tiny.

On the way home Keith started riffing about how he would love to make a movie starring Meat Loaf and Jack Black as father-son rock and rollers.  About the time we decided we wanted Jack White to be mistaken for Johnny Depp at the Rock and Roll hall of fame, we realized we were banging against the cage bars of fanficmeta perhaps a little too hard, but then I decided that Mila Kunis should be Jack Black’s girlfriend, and that the movie should start with a funeral.  And it all started again.  Keith and I can be a little nuts together when we hang out, but gosh, I had a good time last night.

His new job is working out okay.  It appears he brings out the motherly instinct in his boss, she keeps feeding him small treats.  I know exactly how she feels.

Then we came home and Jeff said, “Dere’s Pocky!” and we watched the Mentalist (I had to see the episode where Lisbon clobbers Jane in the head, and yes, he richly deserved it).  Then I messed around with my phone.  Then I slept…. and dang, after I cooked breakfast and poked around on the inertnets a while, and communed with Eddie who came to sleep on my bed, by cracky it’s almost noon.