This chick, that chick, the other chick

This chick opened. She was AMAZING.  Stupendous, ethereal, gorgeous, lush and otherworldly.

This chick was not so good. Fluffed lines, muddy sound, stereotyped stage movements, and really uninspired guitar playing.

The other chick is the woman formerly known as Vilma.  She is Rozo now.  It’s a long story, and it makes perfect sense, and I am a very ardent believer in calling people what they want to be called, so she will be Rozo to me in future.  Candidly, I never liked her name as it always sounded like Boris and Natasha collided with the Flintstones.

We had a lovely time and talked our little faces off.  And, OF COURSE, somebody came up to her and drooled on her hair… it’s inevitable, as her hair is so incredible it stops traffic.