Friday funnies, now with more added serious bits.

Excuse me, have you seen my lemur? Man cited for unsafe lemur-keeping in Clearwater Florida.  Scanged from Fark.

Innercity hopscotch. Scanged from Reddit.

NeilTyson from twitter sez – and I quote, “Stars in the universe far outnumber all sounds & words ever uttered by all humans who ever lived.”  Allegra sez – he never met the little girl I saw on the bus last light.  Never saw a talker like her, ever, period. People at the front of the bus were craning their necks to get a look at her.  Her mom is a saint.

Sex, misogyny still big sellers. A glimpse into the documentaries at the Vancouver Film Festival.

Russian 2014 Olympic organizers cannot scrape together a clue (link removed for safety). THEY’VE ALREADY thrown hundreds of people out of their homes to build facilities.

Viking bling found in Irish cave. Those folks got around.  No pics, which is irritating.

If you hate dandelions, you can always deep fry them and turn them into food.  Scanged from Amber’s twitterroll.

Also scanged from twitter, some of Casey’s singing prose about writing.

Check your media isolation index. From Slate.

Justice isn’t all that great in Canada, either.

Tragic, disgusting, and not for the faint of heart.

Something so amazing, so wonderful, so marvellous, so mood-lifting happened today that I can’t bring myself to speak of it.  A day I have waited on for 30 years has come to pass, and the most beautiful thing about this day is that it will be more.  I mean, more novelty and splendour await.  A sea to swim in, a sky to fall from.  No spoilers, please. Continue reading Justice isn’t all that great in Canada, either.

Mozart, moods and metal origami

I was a complete frackup this weekend.  I did manage to get some cleaning and laundry done, and I did cook some meals, so I didn’t entirely lay about and do nothing – but mostly I did, while feeling sorry for myself.

Saturday I bought work clothes for our dreaded new overlords have high standards in these things.  I even bought stuff that matched, which is just weird, and it was all solids or stripes, no tie dye. All of it makes me look older than my mother, buy which I mean that it’s all like polyester pantsuits.  Saturday night Jeff and I went to the opera.  It was a masterpiece but the chairs are BRUTAL at the Queen Elizabeth theater and the perfume was a-waftin’.  At half time, despite it being a superlative performance with amazing direction and one tight orchestra, we bailed.  If we could have watched it without being gassed by the fancy lookers in the audience, that would have been grand.  Jeff and I want to go back but we’re thinking a matinee.  The opera was Marriage of Figaro, and honestly, a better introduction to the opera isn’t possible.

Sunday, despite the fact Joy sent me a reminder email that I was supposed to do set up for church, I forgot and came to church late and Jason did all my work for me.  I did a penance afterwards which consisted of drying every last dish that had to be washed out for the annual congregational meeting.  I came home in full bore collapsing mode, I was so upset, and watched Talladega for a while.  Many crashes and a nailbiter finish.  I finally hauled myself up and tidied a bit.  After supper Paul and Keith came over.  I got all weepy and tragic on Paul, who very sensibly responded by hauling out the massage table and working me over until I quit whining, at which point he tucked me into bed (trust a dad to know how to do that right) and went home and then I slept for ten hours.  This is so much more sleep than I normally get that I am thrilled out of my mind.  I haven’t had any beer in the last two days, either.

And just to prove I haven’t stopped taking an interest in cool stuff.  …. metal origami.

Geektingle… geektingle. Yeah

When you meet somebody who gets DRM, you get the geek tingle.

Watched 9 with Jeff and Mike the other night.  Script laughably average, visuals STUNNING.  Definitely worth seeing once.

I got a migraine yesterday, but I walked up to the same coworker who administered oxygen to me previously and he gave me painkillers and I went back to my desk and finished my day.  I felt fine by the time I got home.  It was hormonally triggered. Dear body, I love you, but quit screwing up, please.  I know it is only a matter of weeks, maybe months, before the other side of my back blows out.  I can hardly lift my feet, and that is NOT a good sign.  So sore.  I am in pain every waking minute, and lord how it grinds on me.

Figaro Figaro Figaro.  Yup, going to the Marriage of Figaro tonight.  Very glad my first exposure to opera is Mozart.  Glad as well that the two principals are Canadian, so I’m supporting home grown talent.

I should phone Candace and find out if I have a rehearsal this weekend.

I need to pick out Three Things to Accomplish today and do them.  No big lists, just one small and accomplishable one.

I have disliked the Fraser Institute for a while now.

From their shideous performance in the movie “The Corporation” to their let’s have a free market until we destroy the earth attitude, I really don’t like their research or their path.  So here’s something to actually provide ammo for those who like me have problems with the Fraser Institute.  And something else – Half a Century of Fuzzy Math. Cousin Gerald, who by this forward demonstrates that he’s certainly able to tell what will get my attention, sent it along.

Not even with a beer in my hand and a few comments on social media

A series of large losses can make a small loss feel enormous. I told Rob I wouldn’t cry until I had a beer in my hand, and I lied then too.  I’m crying now, but Jeff is meeting the situation with sympathetic noises and the welcome sound of the coffee grinder.  I was going to say more tender things about him, but he’s off in his room now belching so loud something in my room vibrated in sympathy…. still in keeping with the theme, I spose.

There was a brief flurry of amusement last night at Robof9’s going away party while one party member commented to another, “We’re friends, right?” but in reference to facebook.

I now have more than 150 facebook friends.  I have met and spoken to every single one of them.  Some of them are my dearest friends; some I barely know; some are more other people’s friends than mine.  But they are my facebook tribe and I follow their doings, their triumphs and tragedies, the way folks follow soaps. Not so much on the story arc, but man, the set pieces entirely rock.

Livejournal is for filk buddies and church buddies.  When I realized that – that was the point I realized that filk is the religion-friendly portion of SF fandom.  Because all the most religious people I know who are also fans are also filkers.  Things that make you say hmm.  And when I say religion, I mean Judaism, paganism, UUism, and Mormonism.  We all get together in a room and sing our faces off, and we make sure that people’s dietary requirements, both allergy and religious, are met, and we don’t even talk about it because that would all be beside the point anyway, we’re here to sing and love each other.  Livejournal merely supports the meatspace- we are meant to be together, and LJ helps us do that.

Twitter is for people who like the kinds of things I like.  Twitter is mostly people I don’t know, will never meet.  The most recent person to start following me had two midwife attended births, co-slept, baby carried, tandem nursed and looky looky, she’s a vegetarian. All those things in common, and then, clunk.  Uh, no thanks. Personally I fucking hate it when people say they are vegetarian and eat eggs and milk.  You’re still robbing babies and eating them, so how does that bring you to fluffy bunnyhood?  Either be vegan or be sparing in your meat consumption or be like me, the meat on meat inside meat, with meat on the side, kind of person.

I will be a vegetarian when I have to, and not one second sooner.  My brain doesn’t work properly without meat protein and it sure doesn’t work properly without animal fat.  Wish it were otherwise.

Now I have to go outside and plant the saplings work gave me for Earth Day.  I have a funny story about that but I can’t publish because the inertnets are temporarily forever.  I hope Margot joins me.  There’s something very comforting about her watching me work.