Worried mind

I don’t know why I worry so much about things I can’t control.  I just read a facebook post that somebody I went to Wreck Beach with last summer (Liz, a buddy of Kashka and Katie’s) was taken unconscious to hospital after some kind of event at a pub.

Yesterday was a good day, I was in training for the products I’m helping support and it was interesting and not exactly fun, cause I was paying attention very hard, but definitely worthwhile.

Jeff picked up Swiss Chalet on the way home, yay.

Margot is shedding so much it’s frankly scary.  She can be brushed ten times a day and the brush still fills up. She and Eddie spent a good part of the evening chasing each other.  It’s a good thing – she needs the exercise.  Gizmo campaigned so hard for chicken (Swiss Chalet is his paws down fave) Jeff broke down and gave him some.  He won’t eat anything else when he can smell the chicken.  I typed children… maybe my migraine is still hanging around.

Ah, Jeff is making coffee, the saint.

A Happy Culturally Legitimized Drunkfest to you!