Jeff sent me a link

Unbelievable. You can run your own ad.  Margot will be our spokescat for when we have our own little business.

And in other news:

I have an exceedingly busy weekend planned.  I don’t want to talk about it, I’ll review it all when it’s over.

I saw UP last night.  Yes yes yes you MUST watch it; it’s the best animated movie ever made.  Okay, maybe not, but it’s definitely in the top ten.

I called Mike yesterday…. he and Rozo were at the beach.  Wreck Beach, that is, but he was wearing pants coz it wuz cold.

Just had a terrible / okay experience with Bell Mobility.  The guy who answered the phone originally was an idiot who told me stuff that wasn’t true, and the girl who answered in tech support actually helped me.  Yes I can delete applications off my phone but I need to download some software onto a PC and then hook my phone up to the PC.

Now to do some of the work I don’t want to do for later this weekend.  Heavy sigh.  I undercommit for so long that when I overcompensate and overcommit I’m full of irritation.  Must think happy thoughts full of jello and butterflies.