Listen to the rain

I only had one thing besides church planned this weekend, and that’s on Sunday night.

I am listening to the rain overflow the gutters on the roof and drip onto the concrete next to the house.

I have a ton of paperwork to do, so while it’s all quiet and thoughtful, I’m going to do that.

Daughter Katie went on a date with a young man to see Alice in Wonderland.  She says nothing will come of it, but I suspect he’s a persistent young man.  I’ve never met him.

I am angry with Keith right now because I think he’s being irresponsible.  I think it’s fortunate that I can’t stay mad at him.

I’d like to thank Paul for being the only person I knew I could tell a disgusting story to.  It’s all very well to have friends, but not all of them can put up with me to the extent I like to be put up with.  Although, now I think of it, I could tell Patricia and she’d probably laugh too.