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Cindy and I will sing on Friday, about time.  I have three count’em three new songs for her since the last time I laid eyes on her.

Work continues breathlessly along.  The pulled pork ciabatta sammich in the caf today was like a religious experience.  Had a lovely chat with the D-man about economics and the revenge of unintended consequences.

Haven’t heard from Katie in days.  But her shit’s still at my house, sigh.

Sunday dinner we’re having the Planet Bachelor folks over for Roast something and assorted veg, and then some kind of new cool board game afterwards.

Last couple of SG1 episodes entered the meh zone.  Oh well.  It still has ‘moments’.

Margot has gotten into the habit of bear hugging Eddie as he walks by.  The visual effect is peepantsingly hilarious.


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