Yesterday, missionaries

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Missionaries came to my door. They were nice, they were young, they were male, they were white.  They asked me if I was having a good New Years Day and I said yes, but if this was of the nature of a religious call, I could not entertain them. They asked why and I said because everybody in our household including the cats was atheist and I wished them a good day. Jeff snickering in the background added a soupçon of just so to the scene. I didn’t bother telling them I’m Unitarian; in that I’m outnumbered 3 to 1 by household members, unless one of my co-congregants can adduce a decent argument that Margot is Unitarian. I don’t think she reads enough, candidly.
It’s too bad most of you aren’t on facebook, the conversation we got into subsequent to this post was pretty funny.
Lois says the fastest way to make them go away is to pray with them because they are only supposed to pray with believers.  I always thought the fastest way to get rid of them was putting a lit cherry bomb in their bible and handing it back to them, but I don’t advocate violence for them hasn’t offered it to me first.  There’s always the classic answer the door naked draped in a snake routine, my personal favourite.

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