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I haven’t been able to sleep with the cpap machine for the last couple of nights because I’m a little stuffed up.  I may take a decongestant at bed time to see if that helps.

Walked two k yesterday with my instrument on my back.  May as well get used to that. Paul and I sang and played for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  He put some extremely tasty guitar behind “When You Play the Game of Thrones” and “It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry” and in general we had a very good time.  He talked a bit about retirement but it’s still a ways away, and as always we traded notes about the kids because they are not consistent about what they say to us and sometimes we have to piece things together afterwards.  Paul is continuing to be an awesome dad; I am not sure if Katie really comprehends how lucky she is.  I promised not to refer to the crazy making incident which nearly tipped her into homelessness again, but what with her being employed and helpful Paul has no complaints and Keith is too smart to talk to me about it.

The audition is today.  It is by no means a sure thing but I feel like I at least have a chance.  I will need to come up with warm and comfy clothes for when it’s cold outside and possible some kind of rolling device to convey things from point a to point b.

I am working on  a Southern boogie rock tune set in the Burn Notice universe called ‘Kick your door down’.



Average day, situation normal

Your enemies smile and your loved ones frown

Not much need to be very formal

They’re gonna come back and kick your door down


This guy Westen is a pain in the ass

Thinks he’s a hero and his friends are no better

Oliver Peoples with the shatterproof glass

Fi needs help so he’s gonna go get her


Sam comes hard with the rolling guns and ammo

Westen doesn’t think his tactics are sound

Time gets tight and the package goes blammo

and they’re gonna come back and kick your door down.






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