Lovely walk

Yesterday between showers Paul and I went to take a look at what happened to Oakalla after the windstorm.  There were four big trees down across the normally manicured paths, and four ravens, probably juveniles, were playing and croaking and chasing each other and getting up to great hijinks – I’ve only ever seen ravens in the park once before, so I’m thinking they were probably displaced by the storm. We heard frogs in the reeds.  Everybody we said hi to said hi back, a new record.  We also saw young wood ducks.

I am feeling incredibly poopy, as Jeff would say, to the point that I am turning down a trip to Value Village, which I would not normally do.  Jeff’s just gone off to source a jacket.

I should record and post the two most recent tunes but I’m feeling purty blah.


On the plus side, I ran across this article.  This article shows in excruciating detail how easy it would be for a single alien to compromise BC politics to the point that he could pressure various agencies (in the case of my book, the VPD, UBC and Fraser Valley Health) into doing things his way.  It sure came at a good time, I was trying to think how to make the politics run in the last book, and this is like a ground plan.

Chipper is having water problems, or more specifically septic problems.

Life sucks sometimes.