Heinz writing

Only 57 words.  Also a lot of walking, a lot of napping and a lot of BABY ALEX.  He let me snuggle him for 30 seconds while he didn’t realize I was doing it (he was facing his mother.) I got to watch him conquer a playground.  Paul took video.

He crawled at speed across the wooden chips at the adventure playground at the south end of Robert Burnaby Park, found a bar that is at his waist height, and then whacked and attempted to eat it. Then he pushed himself over the bar in an attempt to somersault or otherwise get over it. At the last possible second to avoid a mild face-planting impact, his mother grabbed the seat of his pants and gave him a soft landing.  With astonishing speed he pivoted, crowed in triumph and then tried to do the same thing going in the opposite direction.

I also watched him play very noisily with a Tonka truck, attempt to throw himself down any set of stairs possible, and smack his lips and grunt while eating. He takes a bite, smacks his lips and opens his mouth loudly while saying, AH! like a grownup with that first mug of coffee in the morning – he’s apparently imitating his pater.

The first time he did it (Paul, Katie and I lunched at Planet Bachelor Plus One – the boys have a lodger until October 1, a delightful young woman who just got a job downtown and needed bridge lodging) Paul and I laughed so heartily that we startled him and he quit eating, his eyes huge and his lip out in dismay. After about ten seconds he got that evil Warner Brothers grin and started doing it on purpose until the two of us were useless with laughter. (Katie rolled her eyes.) Paul’s got one of them on video but I imagine the camera will be shaking so hard the image will be useless.

I didn’t take any pictures.  There are lots of baby Alex pictures, but for now I have a beautiful day at the park in my memory and that’s enough.

Then home for a nap.  Katie calls me at 7 and I go YIPE and get dressed, grab Otto and walk to Planet Bachelor Plus One, during which walk I had a very brief non-run-in with the running Lady Miss Banjola; we exchanged greetings. Her runners are VERY PURPLE but she was otherwise particoloured and I don’t think even the drivers of Vancouver would have been able to pretend they couldn’t see her. At Planet Bachelor Plus One Paul purchased and fed us A FEAST OF Chanaa Masala and Curried Prawns and Bhindi and Garlic Naan and Butter Chicken and Mogo and Pullau Rice.  EVERYTHING was so tasty and perfectly cooked it was very very lovely and Alex started to melt down and Katie left and Paul drove me home.

Today I make no plans.  Soon come the trip to Ontario.