so tootle so tootle so tootle your flute

Or FIFES, I can hear FIFES.




This is my blog

This is my only blog

This is my only blog of blogs that I will ever flog

and social media is a selfie-clogged bog

full of piggy palpating kitties

and wild skateboarding dogs

Rock me gently in the loving arms of WENDELL.


Wendell Clark just followed me on twitter. If you don’t know who Wendell Clark is, then you watch much less television than I do.  And if you do know, then you know why I’m happy.

380 words

To my mOm’s chagrin and lightly tousled horror, I have commenced the third book without finishing the second one, which is what I did the last time, so she should quit worrying.  Also, the first sentence, which unlike the last two novels is action packed and follows all the rules about grabbing your reader by the nose and yanking them forward into events, kinda came out of nowhere.

However I’ll be back at the Old Number Two today, so she can quit worrying.

Alex still has no interest in me picking him up. BUT and this is enormous, he initiated play with me yesterday, and that is very happy making. (It was peekaboo.) Katie and Alex and I had a lovely walk and lunch at the Heritage (which is open for lunch on weekends, but not during the week any more.) Then Keith, to make the circle of descendants complete, came by and talked about some writing that he’s doing, and was cheerful, but I crashed.  Fed him chocolate rice pudding though… he liked it.

Also I picked up a book about restorative justice to help with Paul’s talk in October in Nanoose Bay.


I have given up on Firefox.  My computer runs ten degrees C  cooler on Chrome, although it’s just as much of a memory hog, so there you go. There’s stuff all over the internet about how recent changes to Firefox are murder on MacBooks.